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Working with a Virtual Assistant can save you time and is how:

You pay only for "Time on Task" or by project.
Helps you stay on track and on schedule.
Handles your seasonal or periodic projects.
No need for additional computer equipment or fax machine or office space. -
No computer training needed. -
Convenient when your current staff gets overloaded. -
No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits

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"How Virtual Assistants Are Helping Businesses of Every Size Manage Change and Growth"

It's a fact no business person can ignore - the face of the workplace is changing quite rapidly - downsizing, automation, teleworkers, virtual offices, increased small business startups. Virtual assistants (VAs) -- self-employed, off-site administrative and similar professionals -- are assisting businesses of every size in meeting the challenges and needs that accompany these changes.

Most businesses have difficulties visualizing how much adminsitrative support they will need in the future.  It is during these stressful times that businesses can partner with a VA to get the work done.

Small Businesses
Small Business start ups are costly without the use of administrative support, however, every new businesses has adminstrative needs.  Hiring a temp or FTE can be costly, there will be required training, office space, equipment, supplies, etc.  VA's are available 24/7, have their own equipment, office, supplies and are highly trained in their field.

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