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Innovative Office Solutions


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Working with a Virtual Assistant can save you time and is how:

-You pay only for "Time on Task" or by project.

-Helps you stay on track and on schedule.

-Handles your seasonal or periodic projects.

-No need for additional computer equipment or fax machine or office space.

-No computer training needed.

-Convenient when your current staff gets overloaded.

-No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits

Who benefits from working with a VA?

Small and home-based businesses:
Let me take care of the general office tasks that can rob you of your time while you concentrate on expanding instead of catching up.

New Start-up Business:
I can help you Market your business on the internet as well as with the general public by creating flyers, business cards, placing newspaper ads.

We can help you research specific topics, type research papers, resumes and other reports.

Virtually anyone needing administrative support.